Sunday, March 17, 2013

Splash Auction at Harbor History Museum

Sherryl and I attended the Splash! Art at the Museum benefit auction held at the Gig Harbor History Museum last night.  This is a wonderful event for the community to help support one of the best small local museums that I have ever been to.  And I was extremely honored to have been asked to participate in as a donor artist.  I screened 3 or 4 pieces of my work and this images of the Tacoma Narrows bridge was requested by the Committee to be part of the fundraiser auction.


 At least I had a couple people looking at it.

I was very pleased to have my image purchased by a local couple and help the Museum with funds to continue the wonderful work that they do for our community.  Meeting the couple I was able to tell them my story of how I captured the image and the meaning it has for me.  Come to find out they live on the west side of the Tacoma Narrows and look out their living room window at the bridge daily.  What a boost for my ego; someone who sees the bridge in their back yard appreciates my creation (of what they see every day) enough to want it hanging on one of the walls of their house!

If you live within 20 miles of Gig Harbor and haven't been to the Harbor History Museum--WHY NOT!  The Museum has a fantastic permanent display of the history of Gig Harbor including the Midway Schoolhouse, one of the original purse seine fishing boats and Thunderbird sailboat hull #1 not to mention traveling displays throughout the year.

Until next time--have a great day!  

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